Hello & thanks so much for visiting my blog! I’m Klinta, currently living in Glasgow, but originally I’m from Latvia. From a very young age I’ve been interested in fashion and style, read fashion magazines and I always always liked to pick out clothes and create outfits and I still do. These days I follow many bloggers and whilst I love everything about designer bags, shoes and their outfits it’s not always very relatable to my life. Your Real Gal was my idea for a blog, which would be a dose of real style talk – budget-friendly outfit ideas, affordable luxury, being stylish without spending all your time or money.

If you love fashion, but deal with budget, occasionally want to splurge on something, but not sure on what and where to look you are in the right place. Fashion brands that are affordable most definitely can fill up your wardrobe with stunning pieces and I’m all about it. I also like to explore affordable luxury sphere and find brands that offer great quality yet are still a lot more affordable than designer brands. For more than a year I’ve been an independent stylist with Stella & Dot. Luxury you can afford is what Stella & Dot stands for. I truly love their products and ever since I joined I’ve realised how much the right jewellery and accesories can add to an outfit, even the simplest one.

I’m a believer in ‘buy better, buy less’ approach. Your Real Gal is here to give you style inspiration, save you some pennies, round up trends and help you to become a more savvy fashionista.