Jewellery Addict’s Dream – My Stella & Dot Story

If you seen any of my previous posts or Instagram feed you’d have noticed a lot of my jewellery and accessories are from Stella & Dot. And you probably have never heard of it, right? So I figured I would share my Stella & Dot story and tell a little more of what it is and why I think it is pretty amazing.

I remember the day when I read about Stella & Dot in one of the Glamour’s issues (how lucky and random I bought that issue). It was an article about side hustles and what a coincidence I was looking for something just like that. This was nearly two years ago and back then I didn’t own much jewellery. Most of it was bought on high street and I would rarely wear it because the earrings hurt my ears, as they’re quite sensitive, necklaces would wear off the shiny plating quickly and rings made greenish marks on my fingers. And that’s not a great look!

I used to go through my gran’s jewellery stash when I was little, I imagined how I’d wear gorgeous necklaces when I grow up…and just recently I’ve realised how much I’ve loved jewellery all along. And this is where Stella & Dot comes in. After reading about it in Glamour magazine I went on the website and filled in the form to be contacted, just to find out more. Meanwhile I scrolled though the website and thought how stunning and different from high street the jewellery is. Later I went to local meet up with Stella & Dot stylists in Glasgow to see everything in person and to hear more about how it works. That day I knew I’d sign up, just for the jewellery alone! I had another meet up with Leigh, which actually is my sponsor now, to really get to know the insides and where this business can take you.

I can confess that I haven’t been the most active stylist but I have made some money here and there. I consider myself a ‘hobby stylist’. It all depends on what you want out of your business and how much dedication you have. There is lots of training available – videos and workbooks, as well as Facebook live sessions and groups where you can find out anything you’re not too sure about. It’s great that even you do your business on your own there’s a group of amazing women that will help you anytime, honestly! With this business it is what you put in, is what you get out of it. And a good thing is that if you need a break, you can have it, no sales minimum etc. is needed. Evidently it is all about you.

Whilst I haven’t made the biggest sales in the world I enjoy sharing styling tips and show how much jewellery can change an outfit. That’s what I love about it so much. In a way it even inspired me to launch this blog. And oh boy, my jewellery stash is on a whole other level now! Every compliment I get just confirms that Stella & Dot jewellery design is awesome. A new collection comes out every spring and autumn with two smaller collections for summer and holidays. That means the products change over time and it’s always super exciting to see the new styles coming in. That’s one of my favourite things really. The new Autumn 2017 collection is launching very soon and sneak peaks I’ve seen give me feeling it is going to be gorgeous one.

Affordable luxury – that is what Stella & Dot is. Yes, the prices are a little higher than your average high street jewellery, but also the quality is higher. Whilst you might be a bit suspicious looking at the website all that doubt goes away when the parcel arrives. Then you get to feel the jewellery, see the sparkle, shine and all the intricate details up-close. Even though I’m a stylist and I know the jewellery is great, every time I get to see an item in person somehow it always blows me away. There are bold colours, statement pieces, delicates, enyone can find something they’ll love. And half of the whole line is under £40. One feature I adore is that many Stella & Dot pieces are versatile which means one item can be worn in couple of differnet ways (like the necklaces above and below! Everything also comes in cute boxes that are ready to be gifted.

There’s not a day when I don’t have any Stella piece on. It could be the simplest stud (sparkle studs are essential, trust me) or my bespoke necklace. And of course there’s times when I go all out with an arm party or statement necklace. I do love a pair of eyecatching chandeliers as well. If I wouldn’t believe in the company and be completely smitten with the procuct I wouldn’t be a stylist. It’s the same way as with everything I share on my blog – if I don’t think something’s good I couldn’t recommend it to anyone.

How to Shop + Personal Styling

If you would like to make an order you can ask me for styling help (special occasion, personalised pieces etc.) or if you know what you’re after my website is always available. Our products have Delight Guarantee so if you change your mind or whatever the reason you can easily return it for free for a full refund (30 days) or product credit (90 days). This applies to earrings as well!

Become a Stylist

If you are interested, even in the slightest in becoming a Stella & Dot stylist, do message me. I can assure there’s no pressure in joining. I’ll just show how it can work for you and you can take your time in deciding if it’s something for you or not. I tried to include some information about being a stylist but there’s a lot to tell and I would much rather prefer to give you more tailored information. However, you can have a look at as it covers a lot of details and there’s a contact me form, too.


Stella and Dot, social selling company that creates flexible entrepreneurial opportunities for women. Our boutique-style jewellery and accessories line is available exclusively through in-home Trunk Shows by Independent Stylists and online. I am an Independent stylist and I'll receive commission if you make a purchase, it's my business after all. You don't have to order or become a stylist. I'm just sharing the jewellery and my story.